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Buy these Anglo-Indian Cookery Books here

Buy these Anglo-Indian Cookery Books here
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SIMPLE EGG DELICACIES - A Recipe Book by Bridget White

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‘SIMPLE EGG DELICACIES’ is a collection of simple and easy recipes of delectable Egg Dishes for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner and for all other times as well.  The selection covers a wide selection of Breakfast Egg Dishes, Mouth watering Curries, Egg Salads, Tasty Tea Time Snacks and Treats, Sandwiches, Casseroles and Baked Dishes. In addition to the recipes, ‘Some handy hints on how to store and preserve Eggs’, ‘A few  Quick Serving ideas using Eggs’, besides some useful tips and tricks on how to prepare a variety of fluffy and soft Omelettes and the names and description of the various Egg Dishes are also given.

I decided to bring out a Recipe Book on exclusive Egg Recipes since I found that many people who are vegetarians do include Eggs in their diet. This Book ‘SIMPLE EGG DELICACIES’ is a real treasure for ‘Eggetarians’ as there are recipes for a variety of egg dishes under different categories. The recipes are mostly Anglo-Indian but I've also included some tasty Indian Egg curries and some universal all time favourites such as Eggs Benedict, Egg Florentine, One Eyed Jack, Coddled Eggs, Shirred Eggs, Egg Frittata, Egg Quiche, Egg Custard, Eggs Mornay, Egg and Sausage Casserole, Scotch Eggs, Devilled Eggs, the Classic Egg Salad, French Toast Casserole, etc.  The recipes are very easy to follow and only easily available ingredients are made use of.

      SIMPLE EGG DELICACIES           
                 Bridget White-Kumar   
 Eggs are Egg-cellent and Egg-ceptional!!! Eggs are a store house of essential nutrients! 
Eggs have been a symbol of creation, fertility and new life since ancient times. Many cultures believe that eggs have powers of renewal and rebirth.
Eggs are probably one of the most nutritious foods that easily find space on every supermarket shelf round the world. Apart from being inexpensive, they are delicious and packed with a wealth of essential components required by the body. In fact, they act as a nutritional powerhouse and can help the body to prevent as well as get rid of different ailments. Eggs are an extremely nutrient-dense food. In one 70-calorie package, you get protein, B vitamins, vitamin A, D and E, zinc and iron. Eggs are also a good source of antioxidants.

Eggs form the basis of hundreds of delicious dishes and sauces. They taste good in any dish and can be combined with any number of accompaniments.
Eggs are very easy and quick to cook. What would we do without them? They are the best friends of any cook. With a good supply of them in the   refrigerator, you will always have the makings of good and tasty meals at hand.

Eggs are not only the answer to a quick breakfast but they can also take the place of meat as a main dish on the menu at other meals as well. Eggs are easy to prepare in a number of different ways and are delicious in whatever form they are eaten. 

                                   SIMPLE EGG DELICACIES


x. Introduction – Eggs are Excellent
xi. Some Facts about Eggs
xii. Names and Description of Some Egg Dishes
xiii A few Quick Serving Ideas using Eggs
iv. Some Handy Hints while making Omlettes


1, Soft Boiled Eggs
2. Hard Boiled Eggs
3. Poached Eggs
4. Sunny Side-Up Fried Eggs / Bull’s Eye
5. Fried Eggs and Bacon
6. Scrambled Eggs
7. Pepper Scrambled Eggs
8. Scrambled Eggs with Tomatoes
9. Chicken Scrambled Eggs
10.Creamy Scrambled Eggs with Bacon
11. Scrambled Eggs with Bacon and Tomato
12. Spicy Scrambled Eggs
13. Scrambled Eggs with Mushrooms
14. Simple French Eggs
15. Plain Omlette
16. Simple Omlette
17. Omlette with Cheese and Tomato
18. Omlette with Capsicum and Tomato
19. Cheesy Onion Omlette
20. Spicy Omlette
21. Mushroom Omlette
22. Omlette with Spring Onions and Cheese
23. Spinach and Tomato Omlette
24. Eggs Benedict
25. One Eyed Jack
26. Toad in a Hole / Egg in a Hole
27. Egg Florentine
28. French Toast / Bombay Toast
29. Savoury French Toast
30. Banana French Toast


1. Simple Egg Curry
2. Boiled Eggs and Capsicum Curry
3. Egg Curry in Coconut Milk
4. Egg Vindaloo
5. Railway Egg Curry (Hard Boiled Eggs in a sour tamarind base)
6. Dak Bungalow Curry
7. Egg and Brinjal Curry
8. Spicy Egg and Capsicum Curry
9. Egg Molee
10. Boiled Eggs and Onion Leeks (Spring Onions)
11. Tangy Boiled Egg Fry / Egg Puli Fry
12. Major Grey’s Minty Egg Curry
13. Pickled Eggs
14. Bengal Lancers Egg Curry
15. Egg with Eggplant and Tomato Stir fry
16. Hardboiled Eggs and Eggplant in a Tangy Gravy
17. Eggs Temperado (Tempered boiled Eggs)
18. Egg and Okra Pepper Fry
19. Egg and Potato Pepper Fry
20. Eggs and Rosemary Potatoes
21. Eggs and Mushroom Pepper Fry
22. Boiled Eggs and Vegetable Jalfrazie
23. Egg with Butter Fried Cauliflower and Potatoes
24. Egg Korma
25. Eggs and Bacon Side Dish


1. Stuffed Eggs
2. Stuffed Eggs and Anchovies
3. Stuffed Eggs with Ham and Cheese
4. Devilled Eggs
5. Scotch Eggs with Mince Coating
6. Scrambled Egg Puffs
7. Hardboiled Egg Puffs
8. Egg Cutlets
9. Egg Potato Chops
10. Egg Croquettes
11. Egg, Potato and Cottage Cheese Torts
12. Egg and Corn Hush Puppies
13. Egg Pokoras
14. Savoury Boiled Egg Fritters
15. Egg Kebabs
16. Savory Egg Bread Rolls
17. Boiled Egg and Mayo Sandwiches
18. Devilled Egg Sandwiches
19. Simple Egg Sandwiches
20. Egg, Pineapple and Cheese Sandwiches
21. Fried Eggs and Bacon Sandwiches
22. Boiled Egg and Cheese Sandwiches
23. Chicken and Scrambled Egg Sandwiches
24. Egg Salad Sandwiches
25. Devilled Egg Rolls


1, French Toast Casserole
2. Baked Strawberry French Toast
3. Pineapple French Toast Casserole
4. Simple Egg and Bread Pudding
5. Savoury Baked Egg Custard
6. Egg and Bacon Casserole
7. Egg, Bacon and Tomato Casserole
8. Egg, Ham and Broccoli Casserole
9. Eggs and Corned Beef Casserole
10. Egg, Mushroom and Onion Casserole
11. Eggs Mornay
12. Simple Egg Bake
13. Savoury Egg Bake
14. Egg, Sausage and Tomato Bake
15. Spinach Baked Eggs
16. Egg and Sausage Casserole
17. Egg and Bacon Casserole
18. Boiled Egg, Tuna and Macaroni Bake
19. Baked Eggs in Tomatoes
20. Egg and Tomato Casserole


1. Classic Egg Salad
2. Devilled Egg Salad
3. Egg and Potato Salad
4. Chunky Egg Salad with Tomatoes
5. Egg Broccoli and Pasta Salad
6. Egg, Macaroni, Green Peas and Carrot Salad
7. Egg Pineapple and Potato Salad
8. Egg, Lettuce and Avocado Salad
9. Boiled Egg, Parsley and Bacon Salad
10. Simple Fried Eggs and Rocket Leaves Salad

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