(For chicken Stew, substitute the meat with Chicken)
1 kg Beef or Mutton / Lamb cut into cubes
2 tablespoons oil
2 onions sliced finely
1 Bay leaf
4 or 5 cloves
6 or 8 peppercorns
2 pieces cinnamon
1 teaspoon ginger garlic paste
2 teaspoons plain flour or corn flour
2 tomatoes chopped or pureed
2 carrots peeled and cut into pieces
A few runner beans cut into big pieces
2 potatoes peeled and cut into cubes
3 green chillies slit
Salt to taste
Heat the oil in a pressure cooker or suitable pan. 
Add all the whole spices and fry lightly. 
Add the onions and fry till golden brown.
 Add the ginger paste, garlic paste and green chillies and fry for a few minutes. 
Add the tomato and fry till the oil separates. 
Now add the meat and stir fry for 5 more minutes. 
Add salt and sufficient water and cook on high heat for 10 minutes. Release the steam and open the pressure cooker. 
Add the vegetables and cook for a few minutes till tender.
Now add the flour / corn flour mixed with a little water and mix well. Simmer for a few more minutes. 
Serve hot with Rice or bread.
Its also an ideal accompaniment to Hoppers, Dosa, Idlis, etc at Breakfast Time!!

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